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An alternative therapy to the more invasive Flolan and Remodulin, Tracleer (bosentan) comes in tablet form and is taken orally. PPH patients taking Tracleer report improved exercise ability, which is due to the ability of Tracleer to block a substance made by the body known as endothelin. Endothelin narrows blood vessels and elevates blood pressure, problems addressed by Tracleer so efficiently that it is the first oral medication to receive full FDA approval in the US. Tracleer is classified as an "endothelin-A and endothelin-B receptor and antagonist." Tests and clinical trials using Tracleer have proven its effectiveness in improving arterial capacity and reducing pressure in the blood vessels of the lungs.

Use of Tracleer does have two significant risks, however: liver toxicity, and the potential harm to a developing fetus. Tracleer is only available through a direct distribution program from the drug's manufacturer, Actelion Pharmaceuticals in California. Tracleer users must have their liver enzyme levels measured before beginning treatment, and monthly thereafter while on Tracleer to avoid liver injury. Currently, elevations in liver enzyme levels caused by the use of Tracleer have not caused permanent liver damage.

Because of the potential threat of birth defects, Tracleer can not be prescribed to pregnant women, and all female users of Tracleer must take measures to prevent pregnancy. Monthly pregnancy testing is required for all female patients taking Tracleer. Any hormonal contraceptives, such as oral, injected, and implanted contraceptives may not be reliable, as Tracleer might alter the metabolism in such a manner that the effectiveness of these methods may be reduced. Tracleer users should rely upon barrier methods or other forms of contraception recommended by a physician.

Although Tracleer does give PPH victims an increased amount of freedom compared to users of Remodulin or Flolan, Tracleer carries its own risks and is also not inexpensive. If your PPH is a result of the use of diet drugs, the costs associated with Tracleer may be the responsibility of the diet drug manufacturer. In addition to the medical bills and the prescription costs for Tracleer users, it is possible that the loss of childbearing ability may be financially compensated. If you or a loved one takes Tracleer to treat PPH resulting from the use of Fen Phen or other diet drugs, contact an attorney to learn about your legal rights.

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